What is Fake News?

Fake news are as old as Humankind itself. Know more about Fake News history and present challenges…


How to detect and debunk Fake News?

Are you being drowned by a Fake News maelstrom? Know more how to spot Fake News…

How to manufacture and spread Fake News?

Fake news is like a virus. Know more about its creators, producers, disseminators and target-audiences…

How to manipulate people with Propaganda?

Resist Propaganda - understand new and old propaganda techniques and be immune…  

About Critical Thinking Tools

Be conscious, critical and autonomous about everything you read, write and share!" - this is the key-message of the campaign “Critical Thinking Tools”, from the RETHINK project. In the face of online misinformation and cognitive manipulation which digital citizens are exposed, this campaign intends to disseminate instruments that allow a critical analysis of the information.

“What is Fake News?”, “How to detect and debunk Fake News?”, “How to manufacture and spread Fake News?” and “ How to manipulate people with Propaganda?” are the main topics addressed in the four videos of this campaign.

Help the World

Resilient and informed citizens, who have the critical ability to filter the information received by the media – old media, new media, all media -, and motivated citizens who consciously share information: these are the main purposes of the ”Critical Thinking Tools” communication campaign. We intend to encourage the digital citizens to critically question their intuitions or emotions, and deconstruct them when necessary.

Our campaign is not only a campaign, but a social movement which aims at replicating positive insights about fundamental rights, democracy and open society. Under the motto “raise your voice against extremist violence", you will have the opportunity to have an active participation in our campaign. The fundamental question should then be: how can you be an activist to help us spreading this campaign?

Your activism includes but is not limited to sending us your narratives (text, film, media) if connected to the campaign’s main topics: multiculturalism, equality of opportunity, interreligious dialogue and violence/hate.